Family, General and Cosmetic Dentistry

The health of the generations of the future has always been a high priority to us. We believe that setting and implementing excellent healthy functions and habits must be instigated as early as possible in life. Through our expertise in dentistry, we aim to help children to achieve optimal overall long-term holistic health.

Preventative based dental therapies are of utmost importance. Dentistry does not just mean teeth and gums. We look after each child individually as they grow and develop, regularly assessing their oral muscular functions, upper airway patency, breathing patterns, jawbone growth, dietary habits, eruption of teeth, oral hygiene routines, head and neck posture, facial development, and often even their sleeping behaviours.

Our comprehensive approach means that we are able to often identify issues that may not be apparent to the child and/or the parents. Some of these concerns include mouth-breathing due to upper airway obstructions from enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids, tongue-ties and lip-ties that may hamper breastfeeding capabilities and normal oral functions, sleep disorders that can lead to behavioural and developmental problems, and narrowed jawbones due to oral muscular dysfunctions.

In addition to our unique dental services, The Dental Suites also offer high quality general and cosmetic dentistry for all ages. Our caring and gentle dentists are always enthusiastic in looking after all your dental needs, from routine dental check-ups to porcelain veneers for that dazzling white smile, and everything in between.

We offer the following general and cosmetic dental services:

  • Digital x-rays (extremely low radiation, safe for children and pregnant women)
  • Digital iTero intra-oral scanner (no more impression moulds)
  • BPA-free white/tooth-coloured fillings (no amalgam/mercury)
  • Piezoelectric scales and cleans (safe for patients with pacemakers)
  • Laser-assisted periodontal (gum) treatment (higher success rate)
  • Laser-assisted root canal treatments (higher success rate)
  • Rotary-instrumented root canal treatments (higher success rate)
  • Zirconia and eMax crowns, bridges, and veneers (superb aesthetics)
  • Cosmetic bondings (one visit, natural-looking smile rehabilitation)
  • Opalescence teeth whitening (one visit smile rejuvenation)
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Oral hygiene education
  • Natural, non-toxic oral hygiene products (see our Products page)