Myo Munchee


When the muscles of the mouth and face do not and/or cannot function normally, the jaws can become underdeveloped, narrowed and constricted, leading to higher risk of the adult teeth erupting crooked and crowded. If not managed early enough, there is a likelihood of the child needing some extractions of his/her adult teeth, and even surgical intervention of the jaws when they are older.

By correcting orofacial myodysfunctions using the Myofocus™ Orthodontic System, the jaws are given the opportunity to grow and widen naturally to their maximum unique potential for the individual. This opportunity, however, is only open over a certain window, which is when the child is still growing. As a rule of thumb, the less baby teeth a child has, the further that window is closing. Hence, have your child assessed by the time he/she is 5 years old, before it’s too late. Depending on the severity of the problem, this orofacial myofunctional pre-orthodontic therapy is usually indicated between 7 to 9 years of age.

What is Myo Munchee?

One of the tools that we use in the Myofocus™ Orthodontic System is the Myo Munchee. It is a chewing soft silicone mouthguard that encourages chewing. Through proper and active chewing on this oral device, the muscles of the face and lips can get stronger, breathing patterns can improve, and the teeth and gums can become healthier. The various benefits of chewing the Myo Munchee include:

  • Correcting the orofacial muscular functions
  • Widening the growing jaws
  • Helping children to eliminate thumb and/or dummy (pacifier) sucking habits
  • Improving speech development
  • Cleaning the teeth and gums
  • Assisting in the drainage of the eustachian tubes, consequently reducing the risk of developing ear infections

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense incorporating the Myo Munchee as an essential myofunctional tool during the management of patients undergoing treatment in the Myofocus™ Orthodontic System. Additionally, there are also Myo Munchee appliances that come in extra small sizes, which can be used for children from 18 months old. Thus, Myo Munchee can even promote correct orofacial muscular functions as early as possible, to prevent future functional oral health issues. Find out more at

Our principal dentist, Dr. Donny, presents about this myofunctional tool extensively as part of the Myo Munchee Symposiums, the Myofocus™ Mini Residency programs and the Myofocus™ Courses in Australia and abroad. Find out more about at