Orofacial Myofunctional Pre-orthodontics


Early Intervention Orthodontics

When the muscles of the mouth and face do not and/or cannot function normally, the jaws can become underdeveloped, narrowed and constricted, leading to higher risk of the adult teeth erupting crooked and crowded. If not managed early enough, there is a likelihood of the child needing some extractions of his/her adult teeth, and even surgical intervention of the jaws when they are older.

By correcting orofacial myodysfunctions using the Myofocus™ Orthodontic System, the jaws are given the opportunity to grow and widen naturally to their maximum unique potential for the individual. This opportunity, however, is only open over a certain window, which is when the child is still growing. As a rule of thumb, the less baby teeth a child has, the further that window is closing. Hence, have your child assessed by the time he/she is 5 years old, before it’s too late. Depending on the severity of the problem, this orofacial myofunctional pre-orthodontic therapy is usually indicated between 7 to 9 years of age.

The therapy usually takes approximately 18 months to complete, involving a number of daily exercises and using myofunctional appliances (tools) that act like gym equipment for the muscles of the mouth and face, including the Myobrace™, the Myo Munchee and the Lip Trainer. These tools are removable, easy to insert, remove and clean, and are much more comfortable than fixed braces. In most cases, braces can even be avoided completely, especially if the patient is very compliant in following the routine of practicing the exercises and using the myofunctional tools daily.

An initial program of intensive orofacial myology is usually required for the first 8 visits, where our Orofacial Myologist will empower and educate the patient with the exercises. This Myofocus™ Take-Off Program is designed to primarily alleviate the orofacial muscular dysfunctions as much as possible, before focusing on the jaw development itself. We believe that it is very important for the muscles of the mouth and face to be able to function correctly as quickly as possible, in order to influence the subsequent jaw development and maintain the long-term functional oral health.

Tethered oral tissues, such as tongue ties, lip ties and/or cheek ties, may need to be released to allow effective re-training of these orofacial muscles. Additionally, because the jaws, the mouth and their structures are linked to the rest of the body, the patient also needs to be assessed and managed in collaboration with supportive health practitioners, such as Ear Nose Throat specialists, neuro-developmental chiropractors, cranial osteopaths, breathing coaches, speech pathologists, nutritionists, and others, as required.

To achieve optimal functional health, we believe in:

  1. Tongue up against the roof of the mouth
  2. Lips always closed, except during eating and talking
  3. Breathe through the nose
  4. Swallow properly

The Dental Suites is proud to be the first ever Myofocus™ Member Practice in the world. Our principal dentist, Dr. Donny, is the co-founder of the Myofocus™ flagship clinic in North Melbourne, and is the co-creator of the Myofocus™ Orthodontic System. He also teaches the system to dental and various health care practitioners in Australia and internationally, through the Myofocus™ Mini Residency programs and the Myofocus™ Courses. Find out more at www.myofocus.com.au