Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Solutions


Suffering from a sleeping disorder can be detrimental to your quality of life. There are many different kinds of sleeping disorders, with two of the most common ones being snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

A dentist can help in managing a sleeping disorder, when an oral device is indicated to be the appropriate therapy option. The diagnosis of a sleeping disorder is made by an Ear Nose Throat specialist, or a sleep physician, based on results from a sleep study test of each particular patient. From the diagnosis, the sleep physician would consider and present all the options to manage the condition. When the chosen therapy is an oral device, called Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS), then the patient is referred to a dentist to custom make such a device that is fitted to each patient’s individual needs. At The Dental Suites we can custom make such oral devices. Our preference is to use the SomnoDent appliances, which are innovatively designed and produced by SomnoMed® Australia. Find out more from

The other options than, or as adjuncts to, the oral appliance therapy, are intensive orofacial myology, the Myofocus™ Take-Off Program, and/or the Myofocus™ Orthodontic System, which can also provide apparent benefits in the management of sleeping disorders, especially in children. By correcting the oral muscular dysfunctions and/or widening narrowed jaws, the signs and symptoms of snoring and sleep apnoea can be improved over time. Adjunctive therapies may be required in helping these distressed children to alleviate the symptoms and get better, including breathing retraining, removal of obstructions from the upper airway, and neuro-developmental chiropractic adjustments.

The gold standard in Australia for treating snoring and OSA is to sleep using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. However, these machines can be very uncomfortable to wear and costly to obtain. There are CPAP-alternative products available that can be purchased online, are affordable and usually easy to use. We can recommend them accordingly and go through the choices you have. Find out more about these product options at

Quality of sleep can be optimized by consistently having:

  1. Tongue up against the roof of the mouth
  2. Lips always closed
  3. Breathe through the nose
  4. Patent upper airway passage