Miss Dalena Dang

Miss Dalena Dang

Miss Dalena Dang | BOH (Melbourne)

‘Oral health therapists are dental professionals who are dual qualified in dental therapy and dental hygiene.’

Since graduating with a ‘Bachelor of Oral Health’ Degree from the University of Melbourne, Dalena has been actively working within reputable private dental practices, taking a preventative approach as an Oral Health Therapist.
As a Dental Hygienist, she has had experience working with a range of age groups. She always aims to achieve the best possible long-term dental care through providing comprehensive gum disease treatments. With a strong focus on personalised oral hygiene education, Dalena works to help patients improve and maintain the health of the teeth’s vital supporting structures, the gums and the underlying bones.

Working as a Dental Therapist allows Dalena to provide preventive and restorative dental treatments for children and young adults. With her gentle nature, she is committed in helping them achieve positive attitudes to oral health through optimal communication and behavioural management skills. She is also extremely qualified to perform teeth whitening procedures and look after orthodontic patients for their regular care.

Since joining The Dental Suites, Dalena has developed a keen interest in orofacial myology. Having completed further training at the Australian Academy of Orofacial Myology and being a Coulson-trained Orofacial Myologist, she believes that a holistic approach to healthcare should be taken in order to achieve optimal oral health, growth and development, especially with children. Armed with this unique and specialised expertise, she works alongside our dentists in helping patients reach this goal, striving for higher standards of results by complementing this particular treatment modality within the myofunctional orthodontics realm.

With a passion for social services and health promotion, Dalena has previously volunteered with the Tzuchi International Medical Association, where she worked to provide dental care to refugees that otherwise would not have had access to basic dental treatment. She has also delivered numerous oral health promotion programs at childcare centres and schools, and enjoys volunteering her time at local nursing homes.